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Glencar & Barytes Mine

Barytes Mine

This incredible hike will bring you to the Barytes Mine and across the Dartry Mountain range overlooking the picturesque glacial valley of Glencar, home to the famous Glencar Waterfall and the more recently noted Devils Chimney Waterfall along with the Swiss Valley, Glencarbury Barytes Mine and Glencar Lake. The Glencar Escarpment is often referred to as one of county Sligo’s most beautiful hiking routes. Beginning our day at the Glencar Tea shed we hike high into the mountain where we follow a cliff side route to the Devils Chimney Waterfall or ‘Sruth in Aghaidh An Aird’ as it’s known locally.

This waterfall is famed for its waters defying gravity giving the correct weather conditions it blows back uphill into the air and surrounding mountain, a truly majestic sight to see and great fun trying to get that perfect picture without getting soaked. The views from atop the cliff edge span from the Mayo coastline back through Sligo bay and city, the Glencar valley and lake lay hundreds of meters below our feet boasting its own natural beauty.

Our guides will explain how this valley and surrounding mountains formed and the human stories of how a group of Cromwell’s forces where cruelly tricked to their deaths in the hills opposite us as well as more recent discoveries by the shores of the lake itself that show a large ancient human settlement resided here in the past. Having our fill of admiring the views here we turn deeper into the rolling hills leaving the cliff edge behind as we make our way through a karst limestone landscape to the site of the now abandoned Glencarbury Barytes Mines.

Barytes is not commonly found throughout the planet making Glencarbury well knowing globally as a prime location for this resource. The abandoned buildings and machinery now sit in an eerie silence as nature now rules this once industrialised mountainside. The mines which operated here for over 100 years saw generations of locals climb the mountain on a daily basis to mine this raw material, Barytes has many use’s and our guides will talk you through these as well as the incredible feats of engineering that the workforce carried out here to extract this rare material.

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