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The Benbulben hike is the north of Sligo  and is part of the Dartry Mountains in the Northwest of Ireland. The mountain was formed as a result of the various responses to erosion of the limestone and shale of which the mountain is formed. Benbulben was formed in the early ice age when large areas of the earth were under giant glaciers. Originally Benbulben was only a large ridge but while these giant glaciers moved they carved the landscape beneath leaving the distinct table top mountain that is now known as Benbulben.

Benbulben Hike

The Dartry mountains have some of the most recognisable Irish mountains. It is also steeped in legend. It takes its name from Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the nine hostages, who was fostered here. There are also ancient myths of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and Diarmad o’ Duibhne and the Fianna who were a band of warriors that lived in this area in the 3rd century. You will learn more about the history of the surrounding areas from our guides as you enjoy your challenging hike up the most westerly summit of the Dartry mountain range.

Benbulben HikingThis approximately 320 million year old mountain is full of breath-taking views, stunning landscapes and also boasts a wide variety of wildlife. It hosts a unique variety of plants, possessing some organisms that cannot be found anywhere else in Ireland. Many are arctic alpine plants, due to the mountains height which gives the plants cooler temperatures than are normal to the area. These plants would have been deposited when the giant glaciers of the ice–age melted. Many types of insects, foxes, deer and wild hares also inhabit the area.

Sligo is known as Yeats country after the late great poet, William Butler Yeats who was born here and is also buried at the foot of the magnificent Benbulben. This hike is one of a kind. Your Benbulben hike guides will supply you with an information packed and challenging hike that you will never forget.

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