Rewilding Hike

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  Price: 100 euro Duration: Overnight (All equipment and meals included)
  • Camping Outdoors in the beautiful wilderness
  • Disconnecting from work
  • Rewilding and connecting with nature

The scenery of the Northwest is truly breathtaking. This overnight adventure takes you into the beauty of the wilderness. Leaving the bright lights behind us, we hiking through Sligo and Leitrim, looking out over the stunning landscape of the Northwest. It’s a once in lifetime trip through some of the most beautiful trails in the world. This is trip is all about getting away from it all; the two day adventure and camping trip through the remote wilderness of the Northwest of Ireland is a truly amazing experience that will leave you feeling re-energised and alive. The terrain is constantly changing; from quiet country lanes and forest paths that wind around numerous lakes and rivers in the lowlands to fast single track and rough technical trails that lead through the three majestic mountain ranges we will pass through on this trip. At the start of the trip you will be handed a rucksack that will contain a camping mat, sleeping bag, bivvy bag, axe and some food. There is no rush on this trip so we will spend the day enjoying the adventure, catching some fish for dinner and taking in the unspoilt natural beauty of the Northwest. After a long day in the saddle we will reach the camp location where we will work together to set up the campsite and build a fire before having dinner under the stars and settling in for the night. Wake up in the morning surrounded by nature and fuel up with a good breakfast before tidying up the camp and hitting the trails for another day of exhilarating mountain biking. This adventure is one you will never forget and we can’t think of a better way to spend a few days. Nature is fuel for the soul so book your place and fill up now!!