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Re-wild yourself on this epic overnight camping adventure. Conquer peaks, build fires, tell stories and make memories

Price: 120 euro Duration: Overnight
An overnight camping adventure where you will digitally detox, lose wifi and find a connection with nature. This off the beaten track adventure will bring you through Sligos most scenic areas, on winding lakeshore trails, through unspoiled forests, across breathtaking peaks then mountain-biking cross-country to back to civilization. We set off on a hike up into the hills where we will set up camp, practice bushcraft, watch the sunset and relax by the campfire under the stars.   Our resident Shanachie will entertain us with tales of mythological beasts and ancient love stories from the surrounding area. In the morning we'll fuel up with a good breakfast before packing up and making our way to the next next leg of our journey.  A beautiful mountain top hike to the Lunch stop takes us up a new mountain pass to a hidden lake. Its during this ramble where the joys of being in nature and off the beaten track really take effect.   Lunch, giggles and more stories are shared whilst enjoying the views of the distant wild-atlantic coast and surrounding mountains, hills and lakes before we hop onto bikes and fly through forest paths and twisting mountain trails as we make our way back to the real world.